Slashed And Burned

The Glasgow Daily Record reports quized about a possible Guns N’ Roses reunion with Axl Rose. “I haven’t talked to him since I quit. I don’t really see a reunion happening,” the guitarist revealed. “The things that are keeping us apart are so much tougher than money. He made some idle threats while we were touring and wouldn’t go on stage unless we signed a piece of paper.We opted to go on stage and not let everybody down so we signed the piece of paper. I didn’t want to be involved with the name if the band’s not together anyway. Even to this day I still don’t care. But now he’s dragged it through the mud so much that even if he said, ‘Look guys, I’ve been to therapy and I’m a better person now, let’s get back together and do a show.’ We’d all be like, we don’t want to be in that band. ‘None of us would have even bothered to think about taking the name.”

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