Slash Talks About Teaming With Myles Kennedy

Slash visits Walmart Soundcheck

visited Walmart Soundcheck to perform tracks from his new solo album, ‘Apocalyptic Love’. The former Guns N’ Roses guitarist also discussed the making of the record, the power of playing live, and love on the eve of the apocalypse. Slash was joined by Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators for a six track performance of the tracks ‘Ghost’, ‘Mean Bone’, ‘Back From Cali’, ‘Standing In The Sun’, ‘Starlight’ and ‘You’re A Lie’.

“When I was making my last solo record, it was a collaboration with a dozen or more singers,” Slash explained. “It was sort of a project that I put together. During the process of making that record, I had two songs that I couldn’t think of who should sing these two songs, out of all the known singers. Then I thought, ‘There’s that Myles Kennedy guy, and he’s supposed to be really, really good. So I contacted him, and the first song that he sang was a song called ‘Starlight’, and I was completely floored when he sang that. I sent him the music and he sent back a demo with the vocals on it. So I flew him to Los Angeles, and when he and I met, we just hit it off right away. Very down to earth, laid back, with this brilliant voice and these great lyrics. So we definitely hit it off and then he did another song called ‘Back From Cali’, and at that point I asked if he wanted to do the tour that I was going to do to sort of support the album, and it was going to encompass my whole catalog, from Guns N’ Roses, Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and the whole diverse, solo record thing with all the different sings. I had a gut feeling he was the only person that could do that. I asked him if he wanted to do the tour and he accepted. Miles and I started writing on the road, and when the tour was over we got together and sort of fine tuned all this material and went in the studio and banged it out.”

The live set and interview can be viewed at Check out a clip of the interview with Slash discussing ‘Apocalyptic Love’ via YouTube below. View additional photos from the appearance after the cut.

Slash poses with his guitar for Walmart Soundcheck
Slash plays guitar for Walmart Soundcheck
Slash and Myles Kennedy sign autographs during their Walmart Soundcheck appearance
Slash on stage with singer Myles Kennedy for Walmart Soundcheck
Slash performs with Myles Kennedy during a Walmart Soundcheck live set
Slash shows off the tattoos on his arm during a Walmart Soundcheck live set
Slash wearing sunglasses for a Walmart Soundcheck concert
Slash plays guitar on stage during his Walmart Soundcheck live set
Slash poses for a photo during his Walmart Soundcheck visit

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