Slash Can’t Compare Velvet Revolver With Anything

MuchMusic recently caught up with and asked the group, with their previous successful bands, how this project compares. Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist responded, “What we’re doing right now, from the second that it started and now that we’re finally touring and getting onstage, I can’t compare it to anything. Even in my old days when Guns was still cool, which was a great time in my life – which anyone would give their left/right limb, or even their di**, [or] whatever for. And the people – even Duff who I’ve known forever, it’s like a new relationship. It’s very explosive and fulfilling. It’s like twenty thousand orgasms rolled into one.” Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland added, “Music is like the soundtrack, the energy of life, for musicians anyway. I think that music is the soundtrack for human beings. I believe in my heart that Rock ‘N’ Roll, for people like us, is the energy that fuels us. It’s a volatile mix that creates a chemical reaction and that just inspires me to do anything.”

A transcript at has since been removed.

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