Skillet Discuss New Album ‘Rise’, Band Name Origin

Skillet Walmart singing

Skillet performed a special live acoustic set for Walmart Soundcheck in support of their latest album ‘Rise’. The Memphis, Tennessee rock group also sat down for an interview, discussing current events, experimenting with their sound, and the making of their ninth studio album.

On Their Sound: “We are a hard rock band. What Skillet does is we combine the very aggressive sounds and aggressive performances with…almost like pop song structures.”

On New Album Inspiration: “The idea for the album rise came from everyday events that all of us watched on TV. There’s always another tragic thing happening but I wanted to make a record that people could rock out to but would also say yes, all these terrible things are happening, but let’s find that we can rise above all of this stuff that is holding us captive and all the darkness that we see.”

On How the Band Got Its Name: “It was actually my pastor funny enough. He said, ‘You know what the band is? It’s like taking all these different ingredients out from other bands and throwing it all in a big skillet. You should call the band Skillet, that would be funny.'”

Check out clips of their live set mixed with the interview at Check out additional pictures after the cut.

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Skillet Walmart interview
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