Sixpence None The Richer Sheds Its Christian Image

Just after Evanescence dropped their ‘Christian’ tag, another woman fronted band is following suit. Leigh Nash of Sixpence None The Richer tells Tom Lanham of the San Franscisco Examiner that she’s really fed up with being pigeonholed by the press as “that Jesus band.” She explained, “The Christian thing doesn’t follow Creed or around, does it? It’s so irritating — in 80 percent of the articles written about us, ‘Christian’ is in there somewhere, often used sarcastically. It’s always a banner, and we just don’t wanna carry that around anymore.” Nash added, “I was brought up Christian, and that’s still what I claim and practice, but I don’t even go to church, so I guess I’m going to hell. And I’ve also suffered severe doubt in my faith in the last couple of years, because of all the stuff that’s gone on in the world. And a lot of my questions I don’t think will ever be answered.”

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