Simmonsen Says ‘One Beat’ Has Scope To It

Derek Simmonsen of the Washington Times spoke with Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss who talked about the group’s latest effort ‘One Beat’. “This record has scope to it,” she says. “We tried to challenge ourselves musically and we had the time to do so maybe there’s sort of a theme of trying to find something to live for amidst a really dark time.” That dark time is the aftermath of September 11, when many of the songs were written, and the album captures the fear and uncertainty of the moment. “It had a great effect on us and I think it affected the writing,” Miss Weiss says. “It was a dark year and personal things contributed to a sort of a despair that was really a difficult thing to deal with. Not to say that the record is all despair and darkness; I think there’s quite a bit of hope as well.”

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