Silverstein Are Loving Their Third Album ‘Arrivals & Departures’

vocalist Shane Told was putting the full-on pitch for the Burlington, Ontario emo band’s third album ‘Arrivals & Departures’ in an interview with Beat magazine. “We’re all simply big fans of this new record that we’ve put out,” Told, uh, told Gav Ross. “There are a lot of songs that we feel are destined to be classic songs for us. When a record first comes out it takes a little while for people to learn the lyrics and they don’t know it as well; it always takes a while for people to warm up to it. When it first came out we played maybe two (tracks) from ‘Arrivals & Departures’ and now we play most of them. Kids yell out for them and know all the words and love ’em. I think we’re playing for about an hour each night – so 13 or 14 songs all up.”

With the disc, Told said the band followed the same formula as their first two efforts, their 2003 debut ‘When Broken Is Easily Fixed’ and its 2005 follow-up ‘Discovering the Waterfront’. “We’ve got together and written songs – what’s come out has come out,” he said. “It is put to tape and that’s what it is, you know? We don’t talk to one another and say ‘let’s make a mature record’ or ‘let’s make a super heavy or poppy record’, you know? That is never talked about. We’ve just made them all the same way so the progression has been natural. Maybe for the next one we’ll decide to be more deliberate, I don’t know at this point. We might very well set out to make a certain type of record from the start.”

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