Silverchair Deny Break-Up Reports

has posted a message on their official website denying claims that they are breaking up. “A Sydney newspaper ran a story yesterday which has created all sorts of false rumours about Silverchair. Its sensationalised headline has given some people the impression that the band is not going to work together again. Silverchair and their management would just like to set the record straight.”

“The situation right now is exactly the same as it was after the band finished touring “Neon Ballroom”. It is also exactly the same as the group announced when they finished their world tour a few months ago – ie: they are simply taking a break for an indefinite period of time.”

“The band currently has no recording or touring plans but that certainly doesn’t mean that they won’t ever record or tour again. It just means that after a really intense few years, they’re each spending some time on non-Silverchair activities for a change. This is extremely common for bands who have been together for a decade.”

“At the moment Daniel is making an album with Paulmac, Chris is doing some producing and recording stuff on the Central Coast and Ben has just finished travelling and is possibly going to feature in an indie film over the coming year. They all remain very good friends and there is absolutely nothing standing in the way of them making music together again in the future.”

“It is possible that they will all continue to do more non-Silverchair things over the next year or so but once they all get inspired to make more music together then that’s exactly what they will do.”

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