Should A Supernova Frontwoman ‘Grind’ On Bandmates?

The Panic Channel guitarist Dave Navarro commented on the ‘Rock Star: Supernova’ incident where eliminated contestant Jill Gioia was criticized by Supernova guitarist Gilby Clarke, prompting protest from several female posters. “On the Gilby thing, my understanding is that he objected to Jill’s grinding on him, not that she was sexy,” he writes. “I didn’t see the dancers doing that, so perhaps there is a difference there. I don’t know I haven’t spoken to him about it. Those four dancers seemed to be doing what they were hired for. Dancing. Gilby’s comment to Jill appeared to be more along the lines of a female singer representing his band, not a commentary on sexy chicks in general (I of course, have no problem with the sexy stuff as I made clear on that show a few weeks back. Jane’s had dancers on the last tour and even actual strippers back in 97. They did their share of grinding, but then again, they weren’t our lead singer. I do see his point and the difference).” Meanwhile, Zayra finally was eliminated during Wednesday night’s show. The full post at has since been removed.

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