Shirley Manson Vents About Russell Crowe’s Hair

Shirley Manson’s latest diary update includes the singer speaking of Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe after watching Gladiator again on February 12. Shirley writes, “Watched ‘Gladiator’ in French, and even if I missed a large percentage of the dialogue, it was a gas to see it again. Russell Crowe still looks good enough to eat as Maxmillius whateverhisnameis. He MUST cut his hair that short again for his next movie. He simply MUST!!!!! He’s had bad hair doo’s in every one of his pictures since, obviously in an effort to banish the ‘sex symbol’ label he feared he might get stuck with… But goddamnit, it’s high time he mined that ‘sexy’ vein again! I’m fed up of his pasty pudgy bad hair day method acting take me seriously don’t objectify me bullsh**. Just sit down and shut up Russell and get it out.”

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