Shirley Manson Traumatised By Japanese Toilets

Shirley Manson told fans on her official site’s diary for February 1 – 7 that she and her Garbage bandmates were amazed by their experience with toilets in Japan. Shirley wrote, “The toilets in our hotel room are pretty mad. They’re electric mechanical toilets for one thing and they are permanently heated so that it’s lovely and warm whenever you have to lay your bum down to tinkle! A more worrisome feature is that fact that without warning they will suddenly kick into action and spray your nether regions with water. We are all delightfully fresh and clean as a result, but all rather gun-shy and traumatised. I’ve become increasingly jumpy with each succeeding visit to the restroom!!”

Shirley also said she ran into Sum 41 in an Osaka train station admitting, “I was quite surprised by how petite they all were!!”

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