Shirley Manson Makes Peace With Nickelback’s Kroeger

The last entry in Shirley Manson’s diary talks about Garbage’s performance at the M-1 festival in Melbourne. Shirley writes, “I arrived at the microphone on the shoulders of Scott Steiner (one of the wrestlers who also took part on the M-1 tour) dressed of course in my candy pink, striped tutu and ‘Moxie’ lipstick. From atop this enormously muscled, strong man’s shoulders, I challenged Chad Kroeger of , in my best WWF voice to come on down and squash me like a bug, as he had threatened to do on Canadian MTV some months ago. It was pretty funny, I have to say and the crowd LOVED it. They were cheering madly and shaking their fists in support of the thrown down gaunlet. What a hoot!”

Then the next day, the pair ran into each other while taking a flight on Qantas back to Los Angeles. Shirley writes, “Well blow me, but did I not turn around idly to survey the line behind me and who should be glaring straight at me but yes you’ve guessed it… Chad Kroeger! I had to grin. It was all I could do… And kudos to him… He grinned back. So not only is he in possesion of a really good sense of humour, but later on, as we found ourselves sitting in very close proximity to one another, he bequeathed me the most fabulous sleeping pills which really did bring some relief and comfort on an otherwise insufferable flight to LA. I thereby most solemnly do declare that I have made my peace with Mr Kroeger.He’s alright.”

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