Shirley Manson Is Told She Needs Bifocals & Isn’t Happy

Shirley Manson of Garbage

Shirley Manson has posted the following message in the “Diary” section of the ’s web site: “Went to the optometrist yesterday and was told I need contact lenses, or to be less proudful and honest… I need fu**ing BIFOCALS! You must be shi**ing me I exclaimed. You must be shi**ing me! I can’t wear fu**ing bifocals? Are you insane?! I’m supposed to be a rockstar! Rockstars don’t wear fu**ing bifocals! HA HA AH AHAAAAA… On an upnote, I got an all clear from the audiologist today who gave me a clean bill of health and actually told me that damage I had sustained to my hearing in the 6k range during my years with Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie and Angelfish has actually been reversed. I no longer have any such problems! I am of course completely delighted as I was convinced that my hearing was bound to have deteriorated in the 8 years since I last had my hearing checked. For once my body has gone and surprised me, curiously beating the odds.”

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