Shinoda Sings Praises Of Growth On ‘Meteora’

singer/MC Mike Shinoda is on the cover of the new issue of Chart magazine, where he said the increased complexity, advanced musicianship and structural superiority on ‘Meteora’ should push the group even further into the rock stratosphere. “A lot of bands put albums together in three months,” he said. “We spent that on the vocals alone. That’s not writing… just recording, which is indicative of the attention we pay to each part. When I compare the albums, I can hear how the guys have grown over time. You might not notice the drums for instance, but [drummer Rob Burdon] is very complex on this album. He’s like Michael Jordan: he does these crazy things no one else can do but he makes it look natural. We’re finally starting to show that on this album. We’re better musicians now, which is why I feel ‘Meteora’ is light years ahead of ‘Hybrid Theory’.”

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