Shavo Odadjian Discusses New Project Achozen

bassist Shavo Odadjian has gotten a gig scoring the movie ‘Babylon AD’ with his new project with RZA, Achozen. Shavo spoke with Artisan News Service about the project. “Serj [Tankian], who’s not the biggest rap fan, was like, ‘Get out or here! What are you doing?’ It’s different stuff man,” Shavo explained. “Achozen is gonna trip people up, and that’s all I can say for it. It’s gonna trip people up in a really good way. I think rock fans are gonna start liking hip hop. It’s not rap-metal. There’s no heavy guitars in it, nothing like that. Cause I’m doing all the beats. So it’s like this different realm of hip hop. I’ve got heavy hitters on top of us.” Watch it at YouTube.

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