Shanna Moakler Comments On Splitting With Travis Barker

Shanna Moakler posted a message in response to the news Tuesday (August 8) of the demise of her marriage to Transplants drummer . Moakler said, “I can only say thank you to all those who have sent such touching letters, well wishes and prayers. I am very devastated and very much heartbroken over the demise of my marriage and for the upset of my family… I wanted nothing more to overcome the challenges we faced but failed. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I have complete faith in the heavens… I can honestly say I have been truly blessed with great family and friends and of course my children who are the main focus of my concern. I still very much believe in the power of love… I look back with no regrets and feel blessed for my experience and look forward with an open mind… I am very sad but it is remarkable to see the outpouring of support I have been offered… Again thank you for all your letters and kind words. In this time please know I do read your letters but I am sorry if I cant respond.”

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