Sex Pistols Frontman Rolls Rocks At The Hall Of Fame

Sex Pistols frontman bristled at John Soeder of the Cleveland Plain Dealer when mentioned abouit the city’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “It’s the Hall of Shame – let’s be accurate,” Lydon said. Nominated in 2001 and 2002 for induction, England’s infamous Sex Pistols were snubbed by rock hall voters in favor of two other punk bands, the and the Clash. “It doesn’t bother me at all,” Lydon said. He dismissed Cleveland’s shrine to the rock ‘n’ roll elite as “a low-rent Las Vegas” run by “fat, useless, [expletive]-wits who don’t know anything about music.” Asked if he would attend the ceremony if his own group were inducted someday, Lydon replied: “Don’t be silly. Who cares? Really! Who created this preposterous penguin jet set of pop stars? It’s for tossers, mate. Look – I’ve been invited to do ‘Hollywood Squares.’ The center one, you know? And I turned it down. So what do I need from the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame?” has since removed the article.

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