Sex Not Important For Strapping Young Lad Frontman

Newt Briggs of the Las Vegas Mercury caught up with Canadian metalmonger Devin Townsend and quizzed him on why he’d name his new group , which he argued “sounds like a gay Irish porno film.” Townsend responded, “In retrospect, I guess I could see that. The thing is, I’m equally disgusted by both men and women. Personally, I’m heterosexual because I’m with my wife and I love her, but sex just isn’t important enough to me to give it a whole lot of thought. Human beings are gross. We’re ugly fu**ing pink things. To a certain extent, it’s really funny that a life choice like where you’re going to put your penis can be so significant in our society. On my list of priorities, sex is–like–really, really low.” Read more.

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