Sevendust Frontman Puts Bush On Blast

frontman Lajon Witherspoon recently shared his views on the war in Iraq with “It’s such a scary time right now. I’m not a hater, but with Bush I can never understand what he’s saying,” he said. “He doesn’t tell me very much. I just hate it though. I hate the fact that people are over there suffering and the fact that that is just the way it is. I can only hope that soon this will be over so that we can get back to going on with our lives and bring all our troops back to safety . .. I’d still like to know what the fu** is going on with Bin Laden. Why don’t we hear anything about him anymore.” Asked if he thinks performers in any way overstep their boundaries when they make their beliefs public, he replied, “No, the thing is, we’re over there fighting for the right to do what the protesters are doing. I also understand that no one wants this to turn into a war over here or anything, but it’s a hard situation. I do know that we need to get behind the troops though. Maybe next time we can learn how to do things differently — like not re-elect Bush again.” Read more.

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