Seether Shaving Party

bassist Dale Stewart checked in with fans with an update on the South Africa-bred, LA based alternative rock band’s current tour with on their blog at MySpace on Monday (August 4). “Hey everyone! So it’s been kinda a slow week in Seether land,” he writes. “I think the most exciting thing for me was when Shaun and Troy decided to have a shaving party late one night. I awoke to Shaun [Morgan] having a crazy porn stash, looking like Ron Jeremy and Troy [McLawhorn] completely clean shaven, he looked like he was about 12. Otherwise the tour has been cool, we’ve played to some really crazy festival crowds and that’s always fun. We’re also Looking forward to having RED back out with us, it’s their first show today. Also a belated congratulations to John Shope at Sinister Choppers for winning the Chopper Challenge with the Seether bike! I want one.”

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