Seether Live In LA But Aren’t Into The Hollywood Scene

bassist Dale Stewart tells Australia’s Beat magazine that while the South African rocker’s are now based in Los Angeles, they aren’t buying into the area’s lifestyle. “LA is a crazy place,” Stewart said. “Anything can happen. You name it. Nothing can surprise you. We don’t fit in there very much because we’re not into that whole scene. I don’t want to generalize because I have some great friends in LA and it has many great aspects, but a lot of it is really plastic. Everybody is just trying to get something from the next person and no one is sincere. The only reason they befriend you or talk to you is to get something from you or further their career. There’s so much of that, like girls sleeping with guys to get acting jobs. There’s that side to it and I try and stay as far away from that as I can.”

The full interview at has since been removed.

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