Seether Frontman Feels Connection To Kurt Cobain

Richard Abowitz of Las Vegas Weekly caught up with frontman Shaun Morgan who admits to being appealed towards the master of adolescent rage and alienation while growing up in South Africa, frontman Kurt Cobain. “I remember hearing Nirvana, and I think it was that week I got a guitar,” he said. “‘Nevermind’ didn’t sound like it was from another country to me. It sounded like what I needed to hear.” Morgan almost followed the suicidal lead of Cobain as well. “I remember I was sitting with a gun in one hand and a guitar in the other,” he admits. “I didn’t know what I was going to choose. My girlfriend and I had broken up. I was fighting with both my parents, and I had nothing I was happy about. I didn’t shoot myself. I started playing the guitar.” has since removed the article.

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One thought on “Seether Frontman Feels Connection To Kurt Cobain

  1. J Michael D says:

    I just want to know why the above article was removed? It was obviously a positive read.

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