Security Guard Beats Up Jarret Hottman After Before Their Eyes Gig

An altercation took place at Monday night’s Before Their Eyes show in Poughkeepsie, New York at The Chance/Loft, the latest stop on the band’s tour with Silverstein, Norma Jean and Blessthefall. On the receiving end of the club’s security guard’s punishment was drummer Jarret Hottman The band writes:

To any band or fan thinking of attending a show at The Chance/Loft in Poughkeepsie, New York please reconsider as you may be put in the hospital by roided out, goliath-like, drunk and belligerent 40 year old security guards.

A big thanks to Bless The Fall for being more than family to us, and to all the fans who came out and saw us play, you’re all awesome.

The full post has since been removed.

Update: The band reposted the message after the prior post was “somehow deleted.” They write:

OUR BAND THREW NO PUNCHES AT THE SECURITY EVER EVEN THOUGH THEY ATTACKED US. The venue is telling people that we attacked them and that is totally not true. If anyone knows us – they know we aren’t violent people. We actually are the ones that called the cops.

Their second post has since been deleted as well.

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6 thoughts on “Security Guard Beats Up Jarret Hottman After Before Their Eyes Gig

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, if you follow the link, you’ll see it’s been pulled because of misinformation. The band flat out lied about what happened. The lead singer of Bless the Fall sucker-punched this security guard when he was CALMLY addressing the rest of the band. Then he ran off to hide. Left the rest of his band and Before Their Eyes there. When the security guard lost his balance and fell to one knee, these two bands decided to jump him. Try and hit him while he was down. Boy, were they mistaken, because the security guard held his own. 5 on 1. 5 little punks on one guy DOING HIS JOB CALMLY, and all the guard walked away with was a mark from the sucker punch. These bands decide to twist everything and call 911. They told the cops they wanted to press charges. When the security cameras were pointed out to the band, they changed their minds. Now, they are spreading lies around the internet to look like the victims. If they can’t hold their own, maybe they should learn not to play with the big boys..and not START FIGHTS. They didn’t want to follow the rules. Simply put, they need to realize they are in the limelight of many many teenagers and all they are doing is teaching these kids that violence is the answer. Some role models they are. Oh, and nice cover, saying they are Christian bands.

  2. momo says:

    Uh no that didn’t happen so don’t freaking lie! When before their eyes was done their gig, the security guys came after them apparently for no reason. The sec. guy just went up to him and started punching him for no reason so BTF was trying to help. The security guy was the one who threw the punches first and beau only hit the guy because the guy punched him first so that would be called defending yourself. they don’t use violence and are a Christian band. They never started anything.

  3. MIMI says:


  4. Vixen says:

    No. Bless the fall didn’t start the fight! It was the security guards fault. They threw the punches first at the drummer so Bless the fall tried telling the security guys to stop. Then the security guys started beating on Bless the fall band members. So Beau hit them back b/c they hit him first so he was actually defending themselves. They are a Christian band and don’t use violence or hate for your concern of matter. Bless the fall and Before their eyes did nothing wrong, therefore ANONYMOUS, you are very wrong. =)

  5. Anonymous says:

    OK, go ahead and believe the lies, guys. Myself and many other witnesses (and the police reports and security cameras) know what really happened. Beau threw the first punch. A sucker punch. Read through the bands comments on their pages and you’ll see this isn’t the first time this happened. Do you know that if you believe something you read without being there to actually SEE it, it’s called being gullible? But then again, you’re just kids. What do you know?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and that’s why the blogs keep getting pulled. Misinformation (that word means LIES).

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