Sebastian Bach Talks MySpace & Skid Row

Rock Monthly caught up with for a Q&A, asking the former Skid Row frontman for his take on MySpace. “It’s OK, but the whole ironic thing to me is I have over 80,000 ‘friends’ on MySpace but I have not sold 80,000 records; if you’re my ‘friend’, could you go fu**in’ buy the motherfu**er,” Bach asked, laughing. “Who cares if I have 80,000 ‘friends’?! I mean, who gives a sh**! I want to sell 80,000 records! If every one of my ‘friends’ bought my record, it would be great! Whatever! Some friend!”

The rocker also said he has no contact with his former Skid Row bandmates, or just about no contact. “Just maybe Rob [Affuso], the drummer,” Bach said. “When you see the band Skid Row now, there are only two out of the five original members left in the band. Snake’s not even in the band! Snake manages Down now, he’s not even in Skid Row. So at what point does it become ridiculous? I mean, two out of five guys?” Read more.

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