Sebastian Bach Makes It Clear: I’m Not In Skid Row

Former Skid Row frontman has posted the following message on his official web site: “I am getting tired of making this announcement but everytime two-fifths of my old band does some, shows they use my picture and voice to promote their bait-and-switch ‘gigs’, so I will say it again: I AM NOT IN THE BAND SKID ROW. I HAVE BEEN SOLO SINCE 1996. I AM NOT PLAYING ANY CONCERTS WITH SKID ROW. I AM NOT PLAYING THE STARLAND BALLROOM WITH SKID ROW. I AM NOT PLAYING THAT CLUB IN INDIANA WITH SKID ROW THAT HAS AN AD IN THE NEWSPAPER NEXT TO MY PICTURE THAT SAYS ‘PAY $50 FOR A VIP TICKET TO MEET THE BAND!!!’ Not only that but … SNAKE SABO IS NOT IN SKID ROW. ROB AFFUSO IS NOT IN SKID ROW. If you go to see ‘SKID ROW’ in 2006, you are in fact going to see only two out of the original five members of the band.”

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