Sebastian Bach Goes Whacko On C.C. Banana

In one of the more odd stories you’ll ever see, reports that the infamous banana suit wearing C.C. Banana was attacked verbally and physically by former Skid Row frontman … Not for his crazy banana suit, but for wearing a Metal Sludge T-shirt! During an after-party at New York’s Spa for a Gene Simmons book signing event, Bach spotted C.C.’s Metal Sludge t-shirt and went off on him saying, “You fu**in’ hate me!” Apparently Bach thought C.C. ‘worked’ for the website, but he explained he was just wearing the merch. When he explained he didn’t, Bach was still P.O.’d because he simply liked and visited the website – that apparently has had not only bad things to say about him, but his wife. Read more.

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