Sebastian Bach: Axl Rose Hasn’t Had Botox caught up with former Skid Row and current Damnocracy frontman/solo artist for a Q&A, where he was asked about how touring with Guns N’ Roses has been going and how Axl Rose is doing. “He’s getting the album out,” Bach said. “[People] don’t know the work it takes. And Axl, when he disappears, all he’s trying to do is make something incredible. There’s no big mystery to it. He’s trying to make an album that can bear the name Guns n’ Roses. I’ve heard a lot of the music, and it’s incredible. And you know, I’m telling the world, the man has never had plastic surgery or Botox. When I read that, it’s aggravating, ’cause I’m his friend. That’s the way he looks. He looks young, dude! It’s so crazy all the [stuff] that’s said about him.”

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