Sea Of Green Bassist Hits Sore Nerve With Nick Carter

Sea Of Green bassist Eric Kuthe caught up with and revealed that duringa recent trip to Los Angeles, the band stayed at the Hyatt, the infamous Riot House. “That place is always a blast. We ended up partying with Motorhead, that was crazy,” Kuthe explained. “I think the funniest thing though, was when I ran into Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. That was hilarious! We’re standing in the elevator with cases upon cases of beer. This unassuming blond guy comes into the elevator and his bodyguard buddy starts talking to me with the ‘How’s your vacation’ and all of that when I realized who the guy was. I’m like, ‘Holy sh** you’re the guy from *NSYNC!’ It was the only band I could come up with, but man; it was like the needle dragging across the record. The elevator was silent for what felt like ages and then the guy’s like, ‘No, I’m in the OTHER band.’ Well, I had a 50/50 chance on that one… I picked the wrong 50.”

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