Scrutiny Of The Station Club Owner & Reporter Too Tame

Bob Steele of Poynter Online is asking the question many had on their mind following the devastating fire in West Warwick, Rhode Island at Thursday night’s concert, where 96 people so far have died. The Station club owner, Jeff Derderian, was a journalist covering the concert for WPRI-TV in Providence, but little has been made of his obvious conflict of interest being part owner of the club. Steele writes, “What was Derderian thinking? What were his bosses at WPRI-TV thinking? Didn’t they recognize the serious conflicts of interest in having these dual, competing roles as journalist and business owner?” These questions don’t seem to be being asked by the media right now, and Steele asks, “What does this tell us about our profession and ourselves when we become part of a story? When we become the story?” Also begging the question as to why the owner of the Chicago night club so scrutinized, while Derderian seemed to be getting a pass? Read more.

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