Scott Weiland’s Happier Than Ever With Life On Track

Steve Morse of the Boston Globe caught up with frontman for a Q&A and asked if things had really turned around for him now that he’s back with his wife and two children. “This has been the most happy time of my entire life,” he said. “I figured out the only way to get my wife back was to stop focusing on getting my wife back and try to figure out who I was — and that’s when the process really began. I had been trying to follow the same footsteps of everybody who had gotten their [act] together through traditional mediums. And I don’t need to name that process because everybody knows what I’m talking about. But in trying to do that, I was continuously banging my head against the wall… The thing with me is that I am an individual — I’m a square peg who can’t fit into a round hole. I was allowed by the courts to get into [a program] where I was turned onto this dude who was a lifetime junkie, and he happened to have a completely different philosophy than anyone I had ever met. He took little bits from every different philosophy to make his own. For me, that made sense. That was a new place to start from… And for whatever reason, I got to a point in my life where [heroin] is just something I can’t conceive of doing again. I made a decision that that’s not who I am anymore.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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