Scott Weiland Remains Suspicious Of The Music Industry

Entertainment Weekly’s Karen Valby hung out with the guys from on the road while on tour, but had troubles getting much out of frontman , who doesn’t do sound checks, meet and greets, and stays up alone most nights watching movies until 5 a.m. Asking the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman “What did you do today” prompted him to respond, “I did the same thing I usually do, which is just about nothing. Sit in my room… masturbate occasionally…” But he later managed to open up, talking about his drug troubles and his suspicion of the music industry. “It’s easy to get trapped in that mode of being a quote-unquote rock star,” Weiland said. “The industry wants you to stay young, you’re living this fast life, everything’s accesible. The rock & roll industry is built on junkies just like me. Look at this band — we’re a band of junkies, thieves, and vagabonds. The only difference is, we’ve figured out a way to grab ahold of ourselves and say enough’s enough.”

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