Scott Weiland Lashes Out At Media Again

frontman has issued the following statement: “Lately I have felt an increasing need to set the record straight since false information and gross distortions continue to get proliferated through the media in many forms by dishonest and disingenuous writers/journalists who are supported by their publications. It is not a crusade for the truth, it is a realization that the neo-tabloidism sells magazines, but also…wrecks marriages…wrecks families…wrecks careers…wrecks lives!!!”

“Yeah, there is probably some writer, critic or journarazzi that’s saying to himself or among others, ‘Oh, poor rock stars, oh, poor celebrities.’ Well, fu** off! Does doing what I love to do give you a right to put a bull’s eye on my ‘back?’ Does is give you the right to make it open season on anyone of notoriety? If you’re a motherfu**er and you still answer yes what about about the ones that really suffer from your selfish lies and deceit, the children, the wives, the parents, and the friends!? That can not be justified…period.

“Dedicated to Mike S. You were the inspiration and muse for this little thought.

“P.S. In regards to the article ‘Beating the Odds – Velvet Revolver Sticks Together Despite Unstable Pasts’ from the publication Newark Star Ledger written by Jay Lusting

“I never auditioned for this band nor any other band. Nor was I ever settled on.

“If you want to find out how I in fact did come to the band then do your homework instead of continuing to perpetrate bullsh**.”

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