Scott Weiland: It’s Hard For Me To Bet I Will Stay Sober

In the April 2004 issue of Metal Hammer U.K., current and former Stone Temple Pilots frontman discusses his relationship with drugs. “I’ve been drinking since I was 15. I’ve been doing drugs since I was 16, I’ve been doing heroin since I was 23, ” Weiland said in the interview conducted in Los Angeles in January. “And, with STP, I managed to sell 25 million records, make millions of dollars, own a lot of homes and enjoy a great career in arguably one of the best touring rock bands during the ’90s. So I never worry that on any given day that it’s going to be the end of it, from a business standpoint. The only thing that I worry about regarding drug issues is what kind of effect it’s going to have on my children [Scott has a three-year-old son and a one-year old daughter — Ed.]. I never worry what kind of effect it’s going to have on my music. I don’t use continuously, I’ve gone back and forth for years — that’s been my pattern. I can’t just say that I’m going to be drug-free forever, obviously. So that’s my statement: that I’ve had an ongoing drug career. It’s not by choice that I’ve had an ongoing drug career but there’s no reason for me to think that I won’t have an ongoing musical career or that I won’t have an ongoing drug career, because that’s what’s been happening. Both have co-existed, so if I was a betting man I’d say they both will go on co-existing. I would like to not continue doing drugs but looking at my past it would be hard for me to bet that I’d stay sober for the rest of my life.”

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