Scott Weiland Endorses Barack Obama

Stone Temple Pilots frontman updated fans on the band’s blog at MySpace on Tuesday (October 28), weighing in on the November 4th U.S. elections, throwing his support behind Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Weiland tells readers:

Traveling 18 years for a living, I’ve seen the changes in attitudes of people around the globe. I’ve seen our country go from one that everyone admired to the brunt of jokes. Obviously, that hurts. “We the People” can’t allow it any longer; it’s time for change. It’s time for hope and dreams to be fulfilled. It’s time to put America back on the road to unity, prosperity, and respect.

We need a leader who believes in that dream and has that hope. More than that we need a leader to lead us back to our country’s moral principles, a leader who has the creative courage to take us forward into the future and into a better place. I feel it, I believe it, Barack is that man, that president who can and will.

I see Barack Obama as a natural patriot because he is not afraid to attack what is wrong and has the strength to make it right. I see Obama as a natural patriot because he has the intellectual, emotional and verbal skills to inspire. He makes us want to learn; he makes us want to grow; he makes us want to change. Obama can take us from fear to faith, he can help us redefine America in a way that our country once again becomes a beacon of hope to pride-to ourselves and to those the world over.

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One thought on “Scott Weiland Endorses Barack Obama

  1. Sean Montross says:

    Hell yeah! Scott rocks!

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