Scott Weiland Blasts Classic Rock Writer

frontman has posted the following message on the group’s web site: “To Jeffy: Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the shark-infested waters of the once respected world of rock and roll journalism, I meet Jeffy. At the end of the interview, I give him a rare compliment about the integrity of his magazine, saying how much I like Classic Rock; it’s an actual music magazine for music fans. Jeffy took this as a sign of weakness. He uses it as my final quote to close his piece on me, alleging that due to my ‘nice boy’ demeanor, I must not be quite the legend that he was hoping to talk to. I live my life: ‘musician’, ‘junkie’, ‘artist’, ‘friend’, ‘ex-felon’, ‘father’, ‘husband’, ‘rock star’. Who are you? A man so desperate to take a sincere rare compliment after the completion of an interview and use it against me? I still like Classic Rock magazine, and Ross Halfin, legendary photographer, way out of your league, but as for you? Where’s that fu**ing fly swatter?”

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