Scott Stevens Moved By Fans’ Supportive Comments After Show Cancellations

frontman Scott Stevens checked in with fans with a bulletin on the band’s MySpace on Thursday (August 30) after his throat infection forced the group to cancel shows on Wednesday and Thursday. Scott writes:

Hey everyone,

Scott here.

I am sitting in a hotel room alone reading through the comments and posts and I can’t tell you how moved I am. The fact that you take the time shows how incredible our fans really are. My heart is breaking. The boys are off to home which should take them three days while I’m flying out tomorrow.
I’ve been ordered ten days of no speaking which if you’ve ever spent a day in complete silence the world takes on a different view. I don’t know, you listen and observe more. There is a stillness to it. So there’s the positive in this situation. Plus the rest will do us good. It’s been eight months. Anyway we will be back at it on the 14th at the Scout Bar in Houston. So for those of you who we cancelled on we will make up those shows. For the radio shows my sincerest apology to the station involved.
Thanks for your concerns
Best wishes to all


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