Scott Stapp Wanted Chocolate Donuts After Crash

Pat O’Brien of Access Hollywood spent time with frontman who talked about his recent auto accident, not wanting medical attention, and the subsequent rumors that he wasn’t really injured. Stapp said, “I was thinking, I don’t want any major attention out of this, you know … If I get in that ambulance, it’s a huge deal. All of a sudden, it’ll be on the news and I didn’t want it to be that way. So my manager was driving me home, and the funny thing about it, in retrospect, is he said I asked him to pull over and buy me some chocolate doughnuts and I have no idea why.” As for fan reaction, Stapp said, “Our fans are the best. They stick by us through thick and thin and they are diehard and I love them for that.” has since removed the article.

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