Scott Stapp Ribbed Over Sex Tape

Carson Daly joked during his ‘Last Call’ monologue on Thursday night, “I’m gonna give you — and I know you’re here for this — your update on the latest — the sex tapes, and Kid Rock, you know that story that has been going around? [Applause] Don’t applaud it. No, god no. [Light laughter] Apparently today, Scott Stapp said he suspects that the tape was released by somebody who doesn’t like him, and wants to see him fail. [Light laughter] So far, police have narrowed the suspects down to everybody. [Cheers and applause] … It’s gonna be a while. Questioning is taking way too long — talking to everybody. He actually thinks that somebody put out the tape deliberately to sabotage his career — the sex tape. I thought his solo album did that.”

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