Scott Stapp Issues Apology, Asks For Privacy

After his arrest on domestic violence charges, former Creed singer is talking about the incident and issued a very public apology via the following press release:

First of all I would like to express how thankfull and appreciative my family is for the tremendeous outpouring of love and support we have received during this insecure time in our marriage. I was shocked at how many have rallied around us.

I am truly sorry and seek forgiveness from my wife. As she has done the same seeking forgiveness from me. We both know we were wrong in how we handled the argument and in some of the allegations that were made. Now we are tring to move forward as a family.

Things were stated to the police in the heat of anger that were not completely accurate. Things have been said to the media and reported after the fact that are not accurate as well.

As in most cases like this, the next day everyone is sorry and wishes they didn’t get the police involved and said what they did about their partner. We are no different.

My wife and I love eachother very much and are activley seeking support to help us resolve this tough time and bring our loving family back together as one.

Together, with counciling, as well as working on changing area’s of our lives in a mutual effort to learn, grow, and mature positivley as a Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, and Spiritual human bieng, we will overcome this:)

We would also like to apologize to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Dept. for calling them to our home and taking them away from the very serious and dangerous job of protecting our community. Anyone that was effected negativly please forgive us as well?

We would also like to ask that the media please allow our family to heal during this painfull time and remember we have children. So please take that into consideration and respect our privacy and let this go. I know you would want the same if the tables were turned.

God Bless you.
Scott, Jaclyn, Milan and Jagger Stapp:)

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