‘Scotland Today’ Chats With Embrace’s Danny McNamara

‘Scotland Today’ correspondent Billy Sloan spoke to Danny McNamara from and asked the frontman if he could believe the recent success the band has enjoyed. “I don’t think he would have given me any odds, I think he would have told me to leave, it’s up there with Elvis reappearing, innit, really,” McNamara said. “Though he is, isn’t he, he’s in the charts, so maybe it’s not too crazy but…I don’t know, every time I try and guess how well the next thing is going to do, I always underestimate it, I can’t believe that ‘Looking As You Are’, the third single, went to number 11. That’s two number ones. Can’t believe it, you know, it’s just like a…It’s like a dream, really.” Scotlandtoday.scottishtv.co.uk has since removed the transcript and video.

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