Scorpions Try Sending Positive Energy With Their Songs

Scorpions 'Humanity'

singer Klaus Meine spoke with the Hartford Advocate about how music has the power to move people to peace. “We know what impact music has, especially on a young generation, and we see, in all the places we go to, especially when you play concerts in the Middle East, like in Israel, or even in Cairo in front of the pyramids, you see how much music is connecting people,” Meine explained. “And this is what we try to do with our songs — connect people and try to add something out there sending positive energy and bring[ing] the world to a better balance in the sense that hopefully we can all live together in a more peaceful world … We saw the impact of music when we played in Russia in ’88, ’89 in the old Soviet Union, surrounded by KGB agents, and we saw the world changing right in front of our eyes, and we saw the Cold War end. Rock music definitely had a huge impact on the young generation in the Soviet Union back then — the world was changing. So we are always very optimistic that music has a very connecting, a very healing kind of effect.”

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