Sanctity Update From The Road

Sanctity frontman Jared MacEachern checked in with fans on the band’s blog at Myspace on Tuesday (April 24). “Wow, let me tell you, these past couple of weeks have been absolutely amazing,” he writes. “I was really looking forward to coming over here and I wasn’t disappointed. In addition to the beautiful weather, these shows have been crazy, and all of you who we have met so far have been great. I’m a big fan of mosh pits, and the guys and gals over here know what’s up! Cheers to everyone who bought a t-shirt from us or just came by to say hey, we appreciate the compliments we’ve been getting from all of you, make sure to come and see us next time! It’s also been great bro-ing it up with our buds in (thanks!) and Gojira, and hanging with our new crazy Canadian friends Annihilator, we’ve all been having a great time together. It’s such a pleasure getting to play with such amazing bands on such a grand scale. Unfortunately, Gojira is leaving the tour for some time off and they will be sorely missed, but the rest of us will continue to tear across Europe over the next 5 weeks, so be ready! And don’t forget, our album ‘Road to Bloodshed’ is out everywhere as we speak, so pick one up, turn it on loud, and prepare for a serious case of metalneck! We’ll see you soon!”

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