Sammy Hagar Talks Van Halen & David Lee Roth

Kirk Baird of the Las Vegas Sun chatted with former frontman about his upcoming tour with . Sammy didn’t exactly sound like he’s on very friendly terms with Dave but explained the situation saying, “We are two different creatures cut from two different molds. The only common bond we have is we’ve both been in Van Halen and sold 100 million records between us, and we’ve got a lot of great songs to play and sing, and we’ve both been (screwed) by those guys.”

Those guys being Eddie and Alex Van Halen, who he described saying, “The only enemies I’ve got in former bands are Eddie and Alex Van Halen, and it’s just because it never came back around yet and we’ve never had a chance to button back up. I don’t really care because those guys stabbed me.” has since removed the article.

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