Sammy Hagar Discusses The Problems With Van Halen

answered fan questions about Eddie ’s erratic behavior, the Future of Chickenfoot, and wanting to work with Jimmy Page in a chat on “I don’t think has a serious downfall, but I think that the head trips between Ed and Al trying to run things the way they want and not having any guidance has been a real problem in . It’s been a problem for Dave, obviously, it’s certainly been a problem for me, and I think it was a problem for Gary Cherone, the three singers they had. Because they’re brothers, they’re very tight, and now with Wolfie, Ed’s son in there, another , the three of them, they’re so tight that everyone else seems like an outsider, and I think that’s a problem, because we are not outsiders, and they got to learn how to trust other people. They don’t trust anyone.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

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