Sammy Hagar Discusses The Problems With Van Halen

answered fan questions about Eddie ’s erratic behavior, the Future of Chickenfoot, and wanting to work with Jimmy Page in a chat on “I don’t think Van Halen has a serious downfall, but I think that the head trips between Ed and Al trying to run things the way they want and not having any guidance has been a real problem in Van Halen. It’s been a problem for Dave, obviously, it’s certainly been a problem for me, and I think it was a problem for Gary Cherone, the three singers they had. Because they’re brothers, they’re very tight, and now with Wolfie, Ed’s son in there, another Van Halen, the three of them, they’re so tight that everyone else seems like an outsider, and I think that’s a problem, because we are not outsiders, and they got to learn how to trust other people. They don’t trust anyone.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

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