Samantha Ronson On DJ’ing At Lollapalooza With Perry Farrell

Samantha Ronson checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Thursday (August 7), discussing her chance to DJ at Lollapalooza in Chicago last weekend. “I posted a few pics – but haven’t explained them yet,” Ronson writes. “A friend of mine hit me up to tell me that wanted to get in touch with me – that alone was pretty f***in cool – being the fan that I am – anyway – he asked me to DJ with him in his tent at Lollapalooza – I didn’t ask any questions – just said yes – I had no idea what exactly he wanted me to do – but I went and met with him the day of and he just said to do what I wanted – can’t really beat that – so I played a set before he performed some songs – it was crazy – being on stage with him – even crazier was then watching him perform with his special guest… SLASH! Yup – Slash! It was sick – They performed ‘Jane Says’ and the crowd sang along to every word – I don’t think I blinked the whole time! It was ridiculous – I still smile thinking about it – corny, I know – but true! It was literally one of those moments where you feel like it’s Christmas! I got to meet Slash- yup! Ha – I know I sound like a total dork – but I don’t care – I’ve been a fan of his since forever – I generally make it a rule to stay away from anyone I admire – so as not to be disappointed – but I didn’t and I wasn’t! I had met Perry Farrell before when I was dj’ing but didn’t really talk to him – basically coz I get really shy around people like that – so the day off I was pretty nervous – but he was sooooo sweet and nice and cool – I could probably ramble on and on – but I will save you the superlatives!” The full post at has since been removed.

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