Sahara Hotnights Transformed By Nirvana’s ‘Bleach’

members Maria Andersson Asplund, Jennie, drummer Josephine Forsman and bassist Johanna Asplund met as seven year olds in the tiny northern Swedish town of Robertsfors. At 12, they heard ’s ‘Bleach’, and life was never the same after. “I can’t remember how I heard it, but I heard ‘Bleach’ and were right into them,” Andersson told Beat magazine. “I was about 12, 13. They played hard, with lots of guitars. At the time we only spoke Swedish so we didn’t understand the lyrics. Another band that we loved was Smashing Pumpkins, that track ‘1979’ was fantastic. We love a lot of Swedish and European bands too. The best album I’ve heard this year is by the Hellacopters. There are some good Swedish guitar bands that are coming up like the Savages.” has since removed the article.

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