Russell Crowe Speaks Out About Courntey Love Rumors

Russell Crowe was on Access Hollywood Thursday to clarify his night with and said of her, “I was a little probably bothered that she took such a long time to clarify that situation, you know.” When Nancy O’Dell said, “You should have come out and clarified,” Crowe fired back, “It’s not the man’s prerogative.”

The show aired Courtney’s previous explanation of their night saying, “We drank some tequila, and we wrote a bunch of poetry, and we talked about being buddies. And he said, you know, you really need a buddy, you need a man friend. And I said, yes, I do. And I said, you need a girl friend that doesn’t want to screw you. And because I didn’t really want to. No offense to him.” When asked if he was happy Courtney had clarified the situation, he said, “It’s good for both of us because what people were saying was not painting her in a very complimentary light either. Perhaps some of her antics let herself down a little bit. I would much rather people perceive her for her art than for other things.”

As for the pairs future, Love said, “He called me, and I didn’t call him back. And maybe I should call him again because I really do like him a lot as a friend, as a buddy, you know. He is like sad. He has a grieving, beautiful heart.” Crowe’s response, “I’m not going to answer any questions that have to do with what her opinions are. Courtney’s a poetress, and I enjoy her company when it’s about creation. I don’t necessarily enjoy her company when it’s about the larger performance picture.”

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