Rush Track Listing, First Single, & Tour Plans Announced

Universal Music Canada and Anthem Records announced that the first single from “Vapor Trails” will be “One Little Victory,” which will begin shipping to radio stations on March 29. The group will also tour in support of the new album this summer. Read on for a track listing to the new disc due out May 14.

1. “One Little Victory”

2. “Peaceable Kingdom”

3. “Ghost Rider”

4. “Ceiling Unlimited”

5. “The Stars Look Down”

6. “How It Is”

7. “Vapor Trail”

8. “Out Of The Cradle”

9. “Earthshine”

10. “Sweet Miracle”

11. “Nocturne”

12. “Freeze (Part IV of “Fear”)”

13. “Secret Touch”

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