Rush Resists Nostalgia In 3 1/2 Hour Set

Greg Kot of Metromix reviewed the concert Saturday night at the Tweeter Center in Chicago, which ran an amazing 3 hours and 27 minutes. “Unlike many bands of its vintage, Rush resists nostalgia,” Kot writes. “It played as much material from recent albums as it did from its ’70s heyday, though this strategy sometimes came at the expense of quality. The lame rap parody ‘Roll the Bones’ inexplicably remains in the set list, and ‘The Pass’ and ‘Bravado’ are the type of clichid power ballads Rush would have once dismissed. But the new songs from ‘Vapor Trails’, the band’s strongest album in a decade, roared; on ‘One Little Victory’, Peart sounded like he was going to run over Lifeson and Lee if they didn’t keep up with his rampaging attack.” Read more.

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