Rumors Of’s Death Greatly Exaggerated

Apparently yesterday’s message on the home page of was some sort of temporary glitch or something… In any event, they have a ‘State of the Sludge’ address that apparently talks of some controversy surrounding the site, which may have led to the site being dead yesterday.

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One thought on “Rumors Of’s Death Greatly Exaggerated

  1. David McBrayer says:

    I see Axl Rose is up to his old crap again. Why is anyone still interested in his stupid ass. He doesn’t appreciate anything he has been given or anyone around him. I know he is pissed off but hell I am too and I don’t go around acting like a jackass. Guns N Roses is washed up. I hate that Dimebag Darrell’s life was cut short when this asshole is the one that deserves a good ass kicking. I cannot wait for the day when someone teaches his dumbass a lesson. Hell even other rock musicians don’t like him. He gets far to much credit for what he does with Guns. He sucks.

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